1996 ISIS VOICE restored a Truck (Hanomag-Henschel F 86) to a rolling workshop.This "BLITZ-SERVICE"© was useful for works on roads, in woods or the construction of Scenes and Exhibitions. It was planned that young poeple could be able to work with the right Instruments and Tools on the Spot.This Project was offered to Green- Cross, Switzerland in 1997 for a joint participationdem at the Swiss National Exhibition "EXPO", and as a support for young Swiss and International workmen and artists to participate activly in the project of the "GARDEN OF WORLDS"© in the City of Vitebsk, Belarus and other destinations.




Besides the activities in the range of Culture-Exchange, ISIS VOICE created menues, cooked and served on the spot, for different occasions, openings and private dinner-invitations.If wished the siuting flower arrangements were delivered with the meals. Also the midnight- soups which they specially created and offered after night-events or shows were highely estimated.

Menue example for a Birthday-Dinner for approx 20 Persons:


"A variety of smlall snacks"

-Sushi with salmon, -thuna fish and vegetables -Samossas with meat and vegetables -Waterchessnuts fried in bacon - -Dim-Sum with meat and vegetables

"Small european springbreath"

-Consomee with fresh herbs, cucumber and beatroots

"Cosmopolitan Salad-Festival"

-Diversity of salads, mixed with Balsamico and strawberries accompanied with garlic-toast

"Hot Curry-Chicken in Coconut"

-served with Coriander-Rice, Relish of Fruits and Vegetables and chosen Nuts

"Lamback in a Salvia-Coat"

-served with cornballs and Minthsauce


-in a prunebed with fresh Ginger and Canton-Rice

"Tropical Fruitparadise"

-Fruitsalad from fresh fruits served in a watermelon --Mousse of Lemon and Limes -Danish Apple-Delight -Saint -Honoree-Cake


""and chosen-served with Coriander"

"A variety of small snaacks"




1989 /199O
ISIS VOICE puts an exhibition together with the art of aboriginal Warlukurlangu-artists from Yuendumu-Australia and prepaires an exhibition with african artists such as Tunde Muyeeb,also called Prince Tunde from Nigeria.

Suzanne Baumann offers a Project for Uninployed of the City of Berne which should be realized and controled by self-help-groups of Uninployed. Negotations wit International and National Artist and Personalities for a patricipation in this range took place.

More information at Suzanne Baumann 5 International projects)



Between 1987 und 1995 Suzanne Baumann worked on a Draft-Filmscript with the title: :"DONT LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD" for a Film about the Lifestory of NINA SIMONE and searched for posibilities for financing. Negotiations took place in Europe and the US. Suzanne Baumann visited Nina Simone several times in Los Angeles and Europe and corresponded in the commission of N.S.-with probable participants or interested parties. As the Main-actress, besides Nina Simone her self, we suggested Whoopy Goldberg with whom Nina contacted in this context. Among others Nina wished the participation of following Guest-Stars: GRACE JONES, ART BLAKEY, MILLIE JACKSON,EARTHA KITT, DAVID BOWIE, MILES DAVIS, JULIO IGLESIAS, and BARBARA on the List of request of Nina. Simone wanted to compose the soundtrack for the Film herself which should be partly accompanied by the Boston Philharmonic-Orchestra.As a Director besides Suzanne Baumann, PERCY ADLON and LIZZI BORDEN were suggested. As supplement screenwriters: TONY MORRISON,ALICE WALKER and MARY PAT KELLY stood in Question. For a producer we thought of SIR ATTENBOROUGH or JEANNE MOREAU.




1994-1997 ISIS VOICE works together with the Filmstudio Tatyana from Minsk on the Film with the title:"WHO WILL TAKE EVE BACK TO PARADISE" The film by the STUDIO TATYANA includes about 6 portraits of woman women from different origin and various occuptions, but with the same input for a future worth living for and a new Millenium supported by the power and talents of strong and visionary women from all over the World.

1993/94 the Filmstudio Tatyana visited and filmed Suzanne Baumann in her house in Switzerland.The shooting for the portrait of the artist was continued upon the following visits of Suzanne Baumann in Minsk and Belarus. Suzanne Baumann submitted the Film-Project and here "THE SMALL WORLD EXHIBITION" to the UNESCO Commission, Switzerland and UNESCO, Paris.

The Filmproject "Who will take Eve back to Paradise" and the project "The Small World Exhibition" were invited to the UN-Conference on Women in Bejing 1995 by the Chinese External Cultural Exchange Association and a patronage by Mr. MF. Mayor, Director Generale of UNESCO, Paris was granted for the double project.

Nina Simone agreed in 1995 to participate with a concert through ISIS VOICE, on the opening of an exhibition of Suzanne Baumann at the National Musum of Art in Minsk and further destinations upon official invitation.A personal invitation by the Belorussian Ministry was transmitted to Nina Simone through Suzanne Baumann. Nina Simone agreed also that the music which she created specially in the range of Suzanne's project "The Small World Exhibition" will be enclosed in the Film "Who takes back Eve to paradise" by the Studio Tatyana-She also was prepeared to perform with an concert in this context in Beijng.

More informations at Suzanne Baumann: 5 International Projects