Artists/ Interested/ Sponsors

Dear Artists,
I always stood up for the authentety of cultures, in a time of rapidety of the so called globalisation where a lot is menaced to get lost. It seems to me that the artists are the ones who represent the cultural identity of a country and enliven it through their artworks.Not onley a view "artists" chosen from a powerful minority,which take part and submit themselves under a sometimes dizzy and corrupted marked and serve unconditionally the economy who should have the possibility to realize their dreams ore contribute to the cultural identety of a country or the World.

Not the dealers nor the agents should be enriched and make profits through your artworks,by the often unbelivable prices asked by them.

The thoughts and work of independent artists from the differencested diciplines and researches belong neither to the politics,the economy, nor the society. Artists are not the "plaything" of a perplexed society who can be thrown arround at will to finally (as soon the ideas and visions have been misused and there is no more need) be dropped and replaced.

This website i have now realized this website in order to present my activities in some measure independently to a wider public for their independent decission. With the, for me, still not quite unproblematic communication, means in a way fascinating technics which again can cause dependence and other dangers,(which I have to keep an eye on).Some projects here presented are primarly realizable in cooperation with you artists and other personalities, support and financement of different circleds and institutions aswell as sponsors.

It would please me if you felt attached by an universal thinking and you would present here your visions,projects and dreams and would like to make contact with me, so this and your projects might be realized. (see Suzanne Baumann, International Projects/ Vitebsk)

Dear Interested, If you are interseted in culture or the proposed projects and want to contibute to enable the longterm endavours,investments and poeple uniting inputs to be fruitful,then please support in any way these world-open endeavours,so all involved and a whole region gets new unexpected possibilities for the future. Fair partnership and coopeeration is requested.

Dear Sponsor, Investor, You can get a lot of symphathies and trust through your active and financial support and accompaniment.Of course you will get the right of sharing the decissions on the realization of the presented projects wished by so many people. You will not only support an entire region you will give through your contribution the possibility to a worldwide poeple-unifing and trustful dialogue between engaged,creative human beings,so their dreams can be realized- Maybe also your dream?

May I ask you also to look into the homepage of Suzanne Baumann and take part on a common dialogue Please express your statement,wishes and offers on this page so the since many years carried voyage to the world has a common continuation.

With cordial thanks for your attention

Sincerely yours

Suzanne Else Baumann

International Projects: "The Small World Exhibiton", "Own Artworks, Texts, Publications"